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COVID-19 Artist Relief Emergency Funds and Resources

COVID-19 Artist Relief Emergency Funds and Resources

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For artists facing financial hardships due to the coronavirus, these relief funds and resources can help.

Many art events, fairs and openings have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19. In response, several artist relief emergency funds have been created to specifically assist during the pandemic.

The links below will connect you to a mix of national and state artist relief funds and resource lists for financial and health information available at time of publication.

National Emergency Funds and Resources for Artists Impacted by COVID-19

Artplace’s Running List of Resources During COVID-19 Pandemic

Artplace America is a collaboration of foundations, federal agencies, and financial institutions. Together they focus on the intentional integration of arts, culture, and community-engaged design strategies into equitable community planning and development. This is their running list of resources for artists and art organizations to help mitigate and navigate the effects of the virus from financial to health.

Coronavirus Resources for Artists, Creative Workers Organizations

Springboard for the Arts creates and shares resources to support artists and communities. Based in Minnesota, Springboard’s list offers a wide range of resources for both artists and organizations. Additional support also includes guides on the principles for ethical event cancellation, and how to launch an emergency fund.

Resources for Artists in the COVID-19 Crisis

Here is Kickstarter’s list of emergency grants, freelance resources, legal aid, and more.

Americans for the Arts

This advocacy organization offers a COVID-19 resource and response center in addition to gathering data with an Impact Survey. The survey will demonstrate how arts and culture workers are surviving the crisis as well as the economic effect of the outbreak.

Creative Capital’s List of Arts Resources During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Creative Capital supports artists across the country through funding, counsel, gatherings, and career development services. In addition to it’s list of resources for artists, arts philanthropists and professionals, check out their free online live stream workshop series, “Coping with COVID”, designed to help artists mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resources

The Freelance Artist Resource Producing Collective gathers efforts and ideas to help secure freelance artists’ livelihood. Here is their aggregated list of resources, opportunities, and financial relief options for artists.

Coronavirus 2020 Artist Relief Funds

This is a crowdsourced spreadsheet of relief funds around the United States that can be sorted by media, region, and more.

Rauschenberg Emergency Grants

Offering one-time grants, this program covers expenses for unexpected medical emergencies. The grants are available to visual artists living anywhere in the United States or U.S. Territories. Please note that the grant does not cover lost wages.

While not comprehensive, we hope this list of resources is a start to help mitigate the effects of the virus and provide some support.

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