Announcing the 21st Annual Pastel 100 Winners

Announcing the 21st Annual Pastel 100 Winners

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Many thanks to our expert category jurors who helped us choose this year’s winners:

Landscape + Interior: W. Truman Hosner
Portrait + Figure: Cuong Nguyen
Still Life + Floral: Kathy Hildebrandt
Animal + Wildlife: Yael Maimon
Abstract + Non-Objective: Colette Odya Smith

We’d also like to take the opportunity to thank our prize sponsorsJack Richeson and Company, Terry Ludwig, Great American, Holbein, PanPastels, and UART—who’ve once again provided fantastic material prizes for our winners.

TOP 5 Grand Prize Winners:

Pastel Journal Founder’s Award in memory of Maggie Price
Aline Ordman

Pastel Journal Award of Excellence
Bre Barnett Crowell

Ruth Richeson Pastel GOLD Award
Norbert Nagel

Richeson Pastel SILVER Award
Jian Wu

Richeson Pastel BRONZE Award
Jerzy Moscicki

Category Winners:

Landscape Interior Winners
1. Kathy Falla Howard
2. Nancie King Mertz
3. Tony Allain
4. Denise LaRue Mahlke
5. Barbara Jaenicke

Landscape Interior Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
James DeBoer
Linda Mutti
Sharon Will
Dug Waggoner
Christine Labich
Marcia Wegman
Fubao Ma
Ann Sanders
Dotty Hawthorne
Dalibor Dejanovic
Nancy Nowak
Patricia Prescott Sueme
Stan Bloomfield
Tom Bailey
Jeanette Rehahn
Willo Balfrey
Christine Troyer
Lynda Conley
Cameron Hampton
Terri Ford
Susan Rogers
Jacob Aguiar
Anne Vosikas
Lee McVey
Amanda Houston
Wade Zahares
Lana Ballot
Maria Marino

Portrait Figure Winners
1. Jia Wei
2. Parag Borse
3. Susanna Griswold
4. Bev Lee
5. Yusong Tong

Portrait Figure Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
Yang Zhao
Francesco Ipsan
Chen Jianying
Shaghayegh Sohrabi
Dotty Carringi
Ken Landon Buck
William A. Schneider
Carolyn Robles
Penelope Milner
Sharon Pomales Tousey
Patricia Schappler
Patricia McMahon Rice
Di Hu
Daggi Wallace

Still Life Floral Winners
1. Jian Wu
2. William-Daniel Cadieux
3. Marie Tippets
4. Laurel B. Friedmann
5. Lyn Diefenbach

Still Life Floral Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
Jacqueline Meyerson
Irene Georgopoulou
Jude Tolar
Judith Leeds
Vic Mastis
Lining Sun
Cristine Kossow
Barbara Mason
Abel Marquez
Cindy Crimmin

Animal Wildlife Winners
1. Malia Bryngelson
2. Tracey Maras
3. Anne Strutz
4. Cristine Kossow
5. John Plishka

Animal Wildlife Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
Jennifer Bouma
Mary Ann Pals
Barbara Berry
Maryann Mullett
Karen Israel
Mandy Roeing
Patricia Bevan
Catherine Lidden
Nicola Reif
TaiMeng Lim

Abstract Non-Objective Winners
1. Halla Shafey
2. Cory Goulet
3. Arlene Richman
4. Stan Bloomfield
5. Marcia Holmes

Abstract Non-Objective Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
Linda Gotta
Debora Stewart
Bernadette deCesare
Laura Pollak
Pam Walker

The April 2020 issue of Pastel Journal will feature the 100 award-winning images, as well as interviews and juror comments. The issue will begin mailing to subscribers February 10, 2020, and will be available on newsstands March 3, 2020.

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Congratulations to our winners of the 21st Annual Pastel 100—and to all who participated!

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