All About Colored Pencil Art

All About Colored Pencil Art

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Using Color Pencils

Colored pencils allow artists to work with a drawing tool that has the control and precision of a hard-point pencil but obviously these pencils are “in color,” as opposed to a graphite or charcoal implement. Colored pencil techniques are similar to those of other drawing media, including hatching and crosshatching to create complex colors and tones on paper, and mastering how to build up color gradually while working with the white of the drawing surface, which is usually paper.

This topic page will guide you towards links, resources and youtube tutorials to help you on your way to mastering the color pencil. For more inspiration, follow Artist Daily’s Color Pencil board on Pinterest.

Color pencil techniques

Watercolor pencil
While some artists like to dip their pencils directly in water, most fans of this medium prefer to apply pencil to paper and follow up with a soft, wet brush. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds, since the effect is controlled by the amount of water on the brush as well as the pressure used.

Reverse grisaille
Invented by drawing artist David Dooley, reverse grisaille adds a new twist to the ages-old painting technique in which artists create a monochrome underpainting to depict light values before applying color. It involves drawing on black paper instead of the traditional white surface.

Creative color pencil techniques.

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