Become a Master Draftsman With Our Free Drawing Basics eBook

Become a Master Draftsman With Our Free Drawing Basics eBook

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Studies of Heads and Hands
by Hans Holbein the Younger,

We all know that a strong foundation in drawing can make a significant difference in all levels of art making. Drawing well takes time and effort, but the payoff is well worth it.

I recently read a blog post by animator-cartoonist Ben Thompson, whose blog at NoRightsProductions.com is one I follow, and his words really resonated with me. He writes, “Drawing is by and large a skill. Some people may have a knack for it naturally but anybody can learn and improve over time. Too easily we dismiss the ability to draw well as some magical God-given power that only the lucky ones get. Mystifying drawing like that is a discredit to the hard work artists put into making their art better. If you were a doctor would you rather have somebody say you’re talented for being able to perform surgery or would you rather have them recognize the years you spent in med school?”

Illustration 10a
by Jon deMartin, 2008.

Thompson, who produces web comics and graphic novels as well, goes on to make really great points about the fact that an artist needs to always continue to grow, and part of doing so requires that we step outside of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves instead of just making works that we do well or easily.

The free eBook from Artist Daily—Drawing Basics: Learn How to Draw a Cylinder, How to Draw a Sphere, How to Draw a Cube More Free Beginner Drawing Techniques—is our way of making the challenges of drawing less daunting. It provides lessons for both practicing artists and beginners that demystify the entire process into a comprehensible series of steps.

Regardless of your background, you will learn to see objects through the eyes of a draftsman, starting with basic shapes. As we all know, these are the building blocks for how you assess organic objects as well as the human figure. Learning how to draw a cylinder, how to draw a cube, and how to draw a sphere are the cornerstones of any artist’s education, and Drawing Basics eBook gives you the opportunity to master or refresh these skills. If you want the freedom to work on any subject matter, a solid foundation in rendering is key. Download this instructive eBook, and you’ll soon be drawing with ease and confidence, and youll learn more about values, shading, and form, as well as finishing techniques for your drawing to take them to the next level.

And dont forget that you have an incredible amount of art resources at your fingertips. Take a look and take advantage of them all to see what works for you! Enjoy!

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